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In the last few decades, Korean sewing and apparel businesses have grown rapidly. Now, they are taking major roles in manufacturing, trading, and retailing globally.

The Korean sewing and apparel business:

  • Is the No. 1 investing country in Vietnam’s sewing and apparel industry.
  • Is the No. 1 contributor to the garment export of Bangladeshi.
  • Is the second biggest apparel exporter to the U.S.
  • Has expanded globally to Asia, Europe, North/South America, and Africa
  • Has more than 10,000 companies globall

First published in 1975, Bobbin Journal is the top monthly magazine specialized in Korean sewing, apparel, and textile industry. Due to its expertise and reputation, Bobbin Journal is considered a must-read for anyone working for the industry.

Bobbin Journal features the following items as well as other topics:

  • Monthly special report: Hot topics and trends with deep analysis.
  • News and information on the latest technology and products
  • Up to the minute industry statistics
  • Trends, economic atmosphere, and news of many countries of interest
  • Interviews with industry figures and on-site reports of domestic and global industry activities.
Interviews with industry figures and on-site reports of domestic and global industry activities.

As in any industry, for successful business it is very important to introduce your products in well regarded and respected outlets. Bobbin Journal is one such outlet. Large or small, Korean apparel; textile; and sewing businesses are well aware of Bobbin Journal since we were born and have grown with them for decades. They keep consulting Bobbin Journal when they look for the latest trends, news, information, and products.

Bobbin Journal has distribution centers in many parts of the world including China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Brazil, Paraguay, and more. It is read globally in many Korean companies overseas as well as by partners who do business with Korea.

If you are looking for an opportunity to expand your business to Korean buyers, placing ads on Bobbin Journal would be an effective and efficient way to reach your target audience. A number of companies from Japan, China, and Europe have been advertising in Bobbin Journal for many years with great success. Our advertisers include industry leaders such as Brother, Juki, SunStar, Zoje, Richpeace, Mitsubishi, Hashima, Pegasus, Lectra, and Bullmer to name a few. We take even greater pride in that most of them have been with us for a long time and continuously use Bobbin Journal for their advertising needs.

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Page 1 210 x 270 mm $3,000
Page 2-30 210 x 270 mm $1,000
Page 31- 210 x 270 mm $900
Last Page 210 x 270 mm $2,000

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Weekly Newsletter ad In-feed $300/week
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